About Us

Since its beginning in 1974 as a family-based business, Grebe Properties has done its work quietly, even amidst the dynamic hustle and bustle of Waterloo Region. Though several decades have passed and the Grebe portfolio has continued to grow, they are proud to say that they have never lost sight of what brought them success and respect: integrity and family values.

Over the years, Grebe has nurtured their business with care, growing when it was suitable and prudent to do so. They simply don’t believe that bigger is always better and are proud of working with their clients and partners to build great relationships first and foremost.

Business Philosophy

Grebe Properties was established by Reiner Grebe and based on family values. Today, with Reiner still involved, his children, Christian Grebe and Alexandra Grebe de Barron, proudly carry on what he started and draw on those family values as a touchstone for the way they do business.

A self-financed company since the origin, Grebe Properties understands the various real estate markets and are experts in what they do. They work closely with others experts, such as well-respected real estate broker Dietmar Sommerfeld of CBRE, in order to serve their customers and maintain excellence in the field.

Today, the Grebe family of companies includes Grerei Investment Ltd., Algre Holdings Ltd. and GrbCan Investments Ltd., whose day-to-day operations are the purview of the family’s close associate and Managing Director Alfons Geissler.